Art and Obsession in Home Decor

The thrill of the hunt as you race down the aisles of the department store in search of that one piece of home décor that is absolutely perfect. The agony of the art as you bring that item into your home, and wrestle with nuances of ambiance as it settles into its surroundings. The groan of despair as you realize it’s the wrong item, and you are going to have to bring it back to the store. But then, there is always that glimmer of hope, maybe now at the store, they’ve finally got something in that will make your home feel perfect.

Home décor can be an obsession, and rightfully so, it is an art form that deals with the very flow and feel of life itself. And when you factor in things such as light, color, texture, ambiance, mood, and function, and try to coordinate them together to form a cohesive whole, the complexity alone is enough to drive you to distraction. However obsession is never healthy. It is always a corrupting factor in life that controls you, when you are the one who should be steering your own life.

What you have to learn is how to live with your home décor. You don’t necessarily want to be a mad scientist in a lab, playing with the variables of your home to achieve a desired result. Instead, you should be like the languid artist who adds but a single brush stroke to any masterpiece a day, in order to achieve an ever evolving masterpiece of works through a lifetime. Learn to live with your home. Exist within it and reflect musingly on the reciprocating effect that you and the space have on one another. Though your moods may change frequently, even violently, make only small changes to the space that reflect who you are on a deeper level, rather than the surface emotions you may be feeling at any given moment.

And remember, the fun of home décor is in the getting there, not in the achieving. It is a journey of self and soul and their relation to the space we live in. Relax, and enjoy adventure of discovery.