Home Decorating Inspiration

If you’re like me, you love flipping through home magazines and internet decorating sites to look at all of the great design ideas so readily available. However, sometimes too many ideas can create confusion. You may have a lot of different design preferences and styles and don’t know how to mesh them. What if you just want to add some pizazz to your home (at little cost) but don’t know how to do this?

Here’s where you can begin:

Set up an Inspiration Binder.

1. Search through the magazines and cut out the pictures of rooms and ideas you like.

2. Use a 3-ring binder to contain your inspiration images. (Tip: Use clear sheet protectors to keep it neat)

3. Organize and divide the images by room in your binder.

Now that you have your inspiration binder set up, decide which room you want to start transforming – one room at a time. Take a look at your room. This may sound obvious – but try to look at your room with “fresh eyes.” What does it need?

* Is it dark and needs more lighting or lighter colored fabrics?

* What about how t room feels? Does it feel inviting or do you need to “cozy it up” a bit?

* Do you need a new paint color?

* Do you need some fresh accessories such as pillows or art?

* What about rearranging your furniture to create a whole new look?

* Here’s the key: Decide on one thing you want to change and start there.

Now you’ve done it! You know where to start.

Continue this process, one step at a time until you have completely transformed your room. You will create the room you’ve always wanted.