Home Staging – Smart Decor Ideas to Get Your House Sold

Even in today’s tough economic climate, some people still want to sell, and buy homes. Home staging has long been considered an essential method to get the best price for your property when you put it on the market; in fact a whole business has grown up around it with there being any number of professional home stagers willing to get your home looking its best and hopefully sell well.

Of course, you don’t need to use a professional to prepare your home for sale. With a bit of effort and some affordable home decor, this in one project that you can easily take on yourself.

The main thing to do is to make your home look basically as if you have already moved out. Either box up all your personal stuff, family photos, kids’ toys etc. and put the boxes out of the way ready for viewings or put it into storage ready for your move. Tone down your color scheme, warm neutrals are best for walls and flooring to create the look of a blank canvas. The prospective buyer needs to see themselves living in the house and your personal taste may prevent that.

No matter how much you love your pets, the people viewing your home may not share your feelings. Is there a friend or neighbor who can take them in on days when viewings are taking place?

Declutter every room. You are going to have to pack everything up when you move out anyway, so why not pack as much as possible now. It saves you time later and gets you emotionally ready to move on, no matter how attached you are to your home. Plus with all the clutter out of the way it is so much easier to have a thorough clean. All the rooms need to be cleaned like you have never cleaned before. Ensure all surfaces are clear and wipe down everything.

Take a walk around your home and try and look at it from a prospective buyer’s perspective. Are there any little repair jobs that need doing? Sometimes you get so used to your home the way that it is that you don’t even see little things that could look like a big problem to someone else. You want to give the impression that the house has been well cared for and that there isn’t anything that needs to be done right away by the new occupants.

Don’t forget the outside of your property; this is after all the first thing all viewers will see. If the exterior looks tatty they may just drive by and never bother to come inside at all. Taking the time to declutter and clean up outside is just as important as inside, if not more so. Put a few containers of flowering plants as a welcome by the front door and make sure the door furniture is polished. Clean all windows, inside and out, on a weekly basis whilst your home is for sale.