Decorating Tips For Homes With Hardwood Floors

Homes with hardwood floors, whether new or old, are beautiful. Floors with dark rich looking wood or even those that are light colored are magnificent. Hardwood floors can give a house that look of being expensive or may give it that look of hominess.

When decorating a home with dark hardwood floors, consider buying either lighter colored furniture or just a shade different. For example, you don’t want dark brown or black leather furniture on dark hardwood floor. The room will be unnoticeable and hard to discern its decor. You do not have to go to extremes but just add subtle color changes. For example, using a white or eggshell colored couch on dark brown floors offers the perfect contrast to your space. Vary your colors by just a few shades and add in interesting textures with throw pillows. A beautiful decorative throw is another way to add a punch of color when you have dark, hardwood floors.

Your lamps and drapes can be colors based on the throw pillows or maybe even to match a throw across the back of the chair to give it an added color. Golds, browns, tans and olive greens are dark rich colors that you can use for a den or a family room. Placing a rug in front of the fireplace in a color from the drapes or the throws will also pull some more color into the room.

A square rug with some sort of shapes or splashes of colors used throughout the room will not only add to the color scheme but will also cut down on any noise in the room. In the winter, placing rugs on hardwood floors help to keep it warmer and also will not be so shocking to the bare feet. There is nothing quite so shocking to the system, then to take your shoes off when the floor is ice cold.

If you have hardwoods in the entire house including the bedroom, you might want to consider either a rug to cover the center of the floor and each side of the bed, or just some runner type rugs along the sides and at the foot of the bed. These help to keep it warmer and you won’t be so shocked when climbing out of the bed in the early morning hours. Runner type rugs don’t have to be real plush, but just something simple to step out on. The good thing about runner rugs is that there are easy to roll up and put away for the spring and summer time of the year when they aren’t necessarily needed any more.

There are many things you can do with rugs when you have hardwood floors throughout your home. They are easy to put down for the fall and winter and easily picked up and stored in the spring and summer. Rugs can be changed out easily these days with all the shapes, sizes and material types. You can even find specially designed rugs that are perfect for kitchens and utility rooms to protect your beautiful floors.