Home Decorating Ideas – Trendy Window Treatments

Are you looking for the latest home decorating ideas for trendy window treatments? You have come to the right place. An attractive room can be transformed to a spectacular room by simply adding an appropriate window treatment; they change the whole look of the room. The latest trends in window treatments include color, luxe fabrics, silk panels, and puddled window drapery panels.


Color is a big trend. It used to be that everything was in creams and different shades of cream, such as darker cream, beige, and ivory. The color trends right now have moved to blues. There are so many different kinds of blues out there on the market. You will find teal, sea foam green, aquamarine and baby blue. And there are some really neat jewel tones in gold, orange and persimmon that are trendy. Brown continues to be a popular decorating color. So it’s no longer that drab, white room.

Luxe Fabrics

Luxe fabrics are rich and showy with bold colors and textures that want to be touched. Popular fabrics in this category are silks, velvets, damasks, fur, leather and suede. Even though the overall design trend leans toward simplicity, the luxe fabric trend will remain popular with those who are looking for embellishment and lushness. This trend includes beaded tassels and lavish trimmings.

Silk Panels

My favorite fabric right now is probably silk and luxury silks that have different designs on them or different designs sown into them. Silk can be very simple or it can be very luxurious. You can take a solid chocolate brown silk and light up a whole room with it by draping it on the window. It has a bold richness that cannot be matched!

Silk came onto the decorating scene last year and is still going strong. Silk is more expensive for window treatments, but the shine and opulence of the fabric instantly awakens a dull room. Silk is that straight streamline, mostly for anybody who wants a very sleek look in their home.

Puddled Window Drapery Panels

This type of drapery is so-called because the fabric settles onto the floor almost like a puddle. It is a very lavish and luxurious style, but is still a fashionable choice in many homes. Smaller puddles of 3-5 inches are desirable so your room does not look overdone.