Add a Touch of the Orient – Asian Decorating Ideas

The Asian style is definitely one of the harder decorating themes to achieve, as people tend to add more and more to make it look good, but in reality it is the simplicity of Asian designs that make them so appealing. When designing an Asian style room, research it well, ask for tips, and bear in mind that if it doesn’t look quite right, the chances are that you need to take something out.

The colours used in Asian designs are rarely lots of different shades of the same colour, but are all different colours that sharply contrast each other, like blacks and whites for a central Asian theme, or red and dark green for a Chinese style. Expensive looking colours like gold and silver are great for doing highlights and finish off the design.

When it comes to furniture, for a really Asian style, Rattan sofas look great, especially if they are completed with plump, loose cushions. If you want a more modern look then black leather furniture blends in and also gives a more up to date feel. Instead of Chinese style rugs, which are rarely used with this theme, go for a very simple and plain rug. If your room seems to be becoming very dark, then spice it up a bit with read, turquoise or gold cushions and throws.

You can really have fun with accessorising, but remember to not go over the top. If you find that you’ve ended up with too much stuff, then rotate what is on display, so you always have a new room. There are hundreds of pots and vases on the market, which, with a bit of bamboo, will push closer towards having a true Asian room.

Then you can decide where to put the romantic candles, which almost completes the room. Don’t have too many, but a few placed sparingly will make your room look great.

To complete the room, you may want to add a small fountain if you still have space (which you should have; less is more, remember?) It only needs to be subtle, just something to finish off the theme, as many Asian themed places focus so heavily on water.