Decorating Your Modern Home

Modern homes may seem fit for the wealthy, but they’re not as expensive as they look. in fact, modern design is a great choice for those looking to design their homes on a budget. The focus of modern design isn’t just to look good-it’s also making the home more functional and practical. With a few simple tricks, you can give your home a modern twist without doing a full-scale remodel. This guide shows you how.

Many modern items are designed to do double duty. You’ve got chairs that fold out into recliners, storage under tables and couches, and bookcases incorporated into reading chairs. It’s a unique way to save space and make your home more interesting. Not sure what to get? Start with a unique piece of furniture and build your theme from there.

A common problem with modern homes is that they tend to look cold and uninviting. Area rugs are a great way to reverse that while adding color and texture to your home. Modern area rugs come in all sorts of colors and patterns, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that fits in. Some of the most popular are geometric and animal prints, round rugs, and braided area rugs.

These days, the trend is to go back to nature and use all-natural materials for your home. Instead of tile or marble flooring, go for hardwood, cork, or bamboo. Some are more expensive at first, but because they’re very durable, they’ll actually save you money in the long run. The same goes for furniture, wall treatments, and home accessories. Just invest in a good urethane coat and they can last years of everyday use.

Much of modern design is inspired by Asian d├ęcor, which blurs the line between the outdoors and the indoors. To do this, bring some of the outdoor elements into your home. Open up a large window to get a view of your garden. This also brightens up the room and allows you to cut back on indoor lighting. If you don’t have large windows, just place a large indoor plant by a corner, or use log furniture and wooden slab tables as your focal point.