Addison Texas Living

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as one of the 5 Top Sexiest Cities in the US, and for good reason. This tiny urban area of Dallas/Fort Worth offers all the bang of a big city ten times its size. It’s the young, hip place for Dallasites who want to be far enough away from Downtown, yet still enjoy the urban environment, located off the Tollway and Beltline in what is considered “North Dallas.” Culture, art, restaurants, festivals, entertainment, corporations, homes, apartments, lofts, and highrises are just a few of the many interesting and exciting ways to enjoy Addison, Texas.

Addison Circle is a great place for a single professional, someone who enjoys nightlife and community living. Meant to be a place to work, live and play you can catch the live Jazz playing in the circle during the summer, catch a play at the Water Tower Theatre most any weekend and venture to the grassy area for Octoberfest or Shakespear in the Park. There is always something special going on in the Circle!

The best thing about living in the Addison Circle area is that everything is close by. You can walk to get a facial, hair cut, manicure, dinner, milk, eggs and bread. It’s helpful if you have a dog because this is THE PLACE for dog walkers. Visit the new dog park on a sunny day at Beltway and Beltline behind the fitness center.

You can find excellent highrise condos in the $300K+ price range at the Aventura which overlooks the Tollway and Addison Circle. The Aventura is a highrise community with towering views and upscale decor.Centex Homes offers “City Homes” in Addison Circle also priced in the $300s – $400s for two bedroom brownstones with three stories. These cute homes are home sweet home to attractive singles and hardworking business travelers who wish to forgo tending to a yard.New construction abounds in Addison, with a new development being erected as this is written.

Venture beyond Addison Circle to find homes that are convenient to the Tollway and 190 that also seem to increase dramatically in value as the years go by. Existing single-family homes in Addison range from the $200s to the $500s+. You can find a decent Addison condo for a mere $185,000 if you look hard enough.