Home Decor When You’re Broke

There are plenty of ways to get home decor when you are broke, and I’m talking really broke. This means that you may not even have $20 to spend and yet you have an empty apartment or home that just has the basics such as furniture to sleep on, perhaps a couch, a chair, and perhaps the TV.

While your home is your castle, if it doesn’t have a bit of personality it can be a pretty lonely place. You can find different items to decorate your home on a budget. It means doing a bit of traveling, going through a lot of junk, but it is possible.

The first thing to start looking for is plants. There is nothing worse than an empty home, you have no pictures, you may not have curtains, and yet it is your home. By purchasing a couple of plants, or even better yet, ask your friends for starts, you can begin to make your home a bit more comfortable.

Often, your friends are going to be willing to offer you starts from their own interior plans. You’ll just have to pay a few dollars for some potting soil, and hit a few garage sales for containers.

Remember, containers for plants do not have to necessarily be made for potted plants. You can find interesting coffee cups, bowels, it can be plastic, China, or even weird looking figurines. It’s kind of fun to go to garage sales when you’re looking for something to hold a bit of potting soil and the start of a plant.

This is very inexpensive and it’s a great way to add a little bit of home decor to your home.

While you’re hitting the garage sales for your plant containers you can also take a look around for a few other items that might help you out in your home. Remember, you need to be inventive and this may mean looking outside of the box.

Look to quality area rugs for your new home, they really can make the difference. You’ll want the ones that have a solid backing and are sewn on the edges. Usually those will deep wool pile are going to be the best investment, they’ll last forever and always look good. A yearly cleaning by a rug specialist can have these types of area rugs looking good for generations.

While it’s no fun being broke, it can be a lot of fun to decorate your home on a budget if you just think outside of the box. Remember, plants in unique containers add wonderful personality and don’t waste your money on cheap area rugs. Always look at area rugs that are quality, as your investment will pay off not only in how your room looks, but also in how long they will last. A good area rug and a few plants can quickly make a home look wonderfully expensive and homey at the same time.