The Post Holiday Blues and Taking Stock

Does your house have the post holiday blues? Does the thought of all that stuff that came into your home over the holidays leave you somewhat overwhelmed? Does the thought of going back to the office in the New Year leave you with nightmares about the stacks of unfinished filing? Well, the good news is there is help for all of us. You’ve heard acronyms like “Use It Or Lose It” and perhaps you are wondering if you have the courage to adopt this as your new mantra for the year.

Here are a few things you may want to consider as you prepare yourself to begin yet another new year. Are you spending way too much time looking for stuff? Do you have too much stuff and no place to put it? Well, perhaps it’s time for a big cleanup or as we often hear it called on television ‘the purge’. Before you dive in to get rid of all that stuff, it may be a good opportunity to sit back and take stock of your life and your possessions – and there is no better time to do this than right now!

There are many reasons why we hang on to clutter. They may be any of the following:

• A need for abundance – you feel guilty if you throw things out

• Unclear goals & priorities – you don’t know what’s important to you, so you keep everything

• Fear of success or failure – you use disorganization to hold yourself back

• A need to retreat – you use clutter to feel safe

• Fear of losing creativity – you think that clear surfaces will stifle your creativity

• A need for distraction – if you keep moving your stuff around from one place to another, you never have to deal with what’s important

• Sentimental attachments – you hold onto the past

• Perfectionist tendencies – nothing is ever good enough, so why bother

• “Just in Case” clutter – you never know, you might need it someday

Perhaps if you can figure out why you have it, you may have an easier time letting go of it. Take the time right now to evaluate what’s important to you and take a good look around your home and your office to determine if a good ‘purge’ would make you feel less stressed, more in control and better able to accomplish what you desire this year. Let me know how it goes!