How to Create Larger-than-Life Texas Gift Baskets

Rumor has it that everything in Texas is big (or larger-than-life), whether it is from their crops to their rodeo shows to even their McDonald’s hamburgers. This means that when you sit down to create a gift basket to showcase the wonder and pizazz associated with such a spirited state, you might end up going a little overboard. Texas is located in the Southern and Southwest regions of the United States. Leading the way as the second-largest state in area as well as inhabitants, close to half of the population calls Dallas, Fort Worth, or Houston their home.

With an international reputation for electrifying energy (both socially and economically) and leading the way in aeronautics, it seems only fitting to utilize the bright and bold shades of orange, red, and yellow when decorating a Texas-themed gift basket. To capitalize from the space technology associations that Texas possesses, the Houston-We-Have-Liftoff gift basket could include an assortment of space-related items for marketing to residents and tourists of all ages.

The economy of Texas will also provide a wealth of gift basket ideas, especially in the beef department since Texas is the leading producer in the United States. Gift baskets showcasing marinades, sauces, and spice rubs are just the thing to bring in the crowds, especially when barbecue and rodeo season are in full swing. Additional top crops to pull ideas from include watermelons, grain, corn, wheat, and cotton.

The state of Texas is also known for offering some of the lowest costs in housing. This means a lot of people are settling into new abodes on a regular basis. What a perfect opportunity to make a profit churning out specialized housewarming gift baskets!

Out of all the popular events that the big state of Texas is known for, the culture of the locals is wildly expressed through the rodeo events scattered about the state. Held annually, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo brings in thousands of spectators and participants who enjoy the 20-day celebration from late February to early March. Stuffed bulls and horses, spicy nuts, hickory-flavored snacks, and barbecue accessories are just some of the things you may include in a rodeo-themed gift basket. When decorating the arrangement, you could use lariat rope in place of ribbon to further follow the theme.

Texas gift basket ideas may also benefit from showcasing some of the characteristics of various state symbols. Fruit baskets highlighting the Texas red grapefruit is just the thing to start off a morning. The spicy and flaming hot jalapeno pepper represents the state as well, which means chips, dip, sauces, cracker spreads, and even bread mixes include some of the things this type of gift basket should be centered on. Chili-themed gift baskets will also go far in promoting the Lone Star State.