Decorating Small Rooms – Making Your Space Look Larger

Decorating small rooms presents a whole new set of challenges that you do not encounter with larger spaces. This is particularly true if you are trying to make the space look larger than it really is. Of course, you still want to create a space that looks put together and stylish. At the same time, there are special considerations you will need to make in order to make the room look bigger.

Color is of great importance when it comes to decorating small rooms. In order to make the space look larger and appear more open, you should select bright colors for the walls and for the trim. Create contrast with your furniture in order to create interest in the room while still opening up the space.

Lighting is another essential component when decorating small rooms. If at all possible, find ways to allow natural light into the room. If you are working in an inner room without windows, find opportunities for adding more artificial light. Since you are working in a small space, you probably don’t want to fill the room with lamps. Rather, look into track lighting or recessed lighting to help brighten the room without cluttering the space.

Mirrors are also helpful when decorating small rooms. When the mirror reflects the opposite wall, it will create the illusion that the room is larger. Fooling the eye is key to making a space look bigger.

Plan the storage in a room first. Take advantage of the vertical space in a room… get things off the floor! A mixture of storage designs looks best – from closed cabinets to some with glass fronts to open ones for an airy look. Built-in storage is a nice way to furnish a small room and provide much-needed storage space. However, if you are not going to stay very long, use standalone storage.

You can use one rather large piece of furniture in a small room as the focal point. Just remember to keep other pieces of furniture and accessories at a minimum or you will end up with a cluttered look.

Finally, clutter is a major consideration when decorating small rooms. Although you may have plenty of decorative items that you want to add to your space, less is better when it comes to smaller rooms. Keep the clutter to a minimum. Otherwise, the room will look more cramped, which creates the perception that the space is smaller than it really is.