Tropical Home Decor For Tight Budgets

Turning your home or backyard into your very own private tropical getaway is not hard at all. Even with a tight budget, all you need is a few inexpensive accessories and some creativity. The following tropical d├ęcor tips should provide you with some inspiration.

If you want to redecorate an interior space with a tropical theme, start with the paint. A neutral tan or pale yellow is the perfect color. It creates the ideal backdrop that will contrast with the predominantly green and brightly-colored accent pieces that will adorn the room later. Get the paint at your local Home Depot. Scan a designer paint chip into the store’s free color scanner and take the code you get to the paint mixers working there. They’ll duplicate the code using a cheaper paint brand.

Whether you’re doing an indoor renovation or an outdoors one, replacing existing furniture with rattan, wicker and bamboo furniture will put an instant tropical spin on any space in the house. You can find rattan or wicker lounge chairs, tables, swings and sofas at fairly low prices if you search for them online instead of a store.

Small, indoor tropical plants, like potted palm trees, wicker plants and green, indoor bamboo shoots look great, and will give any room, whether a bedroom or an office, a refreshing new feel. You can buy fake or real plants. If you are intent on real ones, remember that you don’t need to many. Just two or three in a room can be perfect for setting the tropical mood.

Bamboo fencing can look great and completely transform a backyard into a tropical haven. The problem is that bamboo fencing can be expensive. You do, however, have the option of purchasing (instead of expensive full bamboo poles) pre-bundled, bamboo rolls and panels. The cheapest of these are the split bamboo panels and rolls. You can install these over existing fence. It’s easy and relatively cheaper than most other options. And it looks great.

Tropical accent pieces don’t have to be super expensive in order to make your new room look great. Discount tiki statues for indoors and outdoors are available online.