Choosing The Right Color of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is widely available in a number of colors, allowing you to pick the look and feel that is right for each room easily.

However, before you go ahead and spend a good chunk of change on laminate flooring, it is wise to make sure the color your pick is in harmony with your home décor. There are a number of things to consider for this.

Matching Colors

Your first consideration should go to how good a match is the color of your chosen laminate flooring to the other colors present in your home. For instance pine laminate flooring comes with a slightly glossy finish, and you need to check if this works with the rest of your home. Take a look at all the various wood items in your house like skirting boards, fireplaces, window frames and furniture.

Fair colored wood works well with a neutral décor whereas cherry colored laminated flooring, with its deeper, darker red shade, will bring together a room that suits this particular hue.

Your choice of color may also be influenced by how the room is used. It is particularly important to consider whether an area is likely to get a lot of foot traffic, and pick a color that can cope with it. A light color may not be adequate where there is a lot of passage, as it would show dirt more than darker shades of wood.

In addition to choosing one of the many available colors, picking the right laminate flooring for your home also needs to take the pattern into account for a pleasing end result. You can opt for flooring that shows off the natural grain of the wood, or go for a more intricate look by selecting various sizes of floorboards. The internet is a good source for browsing and comparing patterns. Arranging the boards in a more detailed configuration may take longer but the resulting effect should be worth the additional effort.

Before you decide on what laminate flooring to buy, bear in mind the two main color considerations that will ensure the end result is in keeping both with what you like and with the rest of your home. In the first instance pick a pattern that suits you as it will become part of the overall design. Next decide on the color: as a wide variety is available, go for something that fits in well with the rest of the room.