Low Cost Birthday Decorating Ideas For The Budget Conscious!

Whoever said that decorating for birthdays had to be an ornate affair? The truth of the matter is that anyone can come up with a great idea for a birthday party and pull it off on a reasonable budget. With so many types, kinds and styles of birthday decorations to choose from, the budget conscious shopper is sure to find fitting decorations at prices that fit into his/her budget. Just remember that it does not have to cost a lot for it to look good, and with the right combination of colors and creativity a birthday party decorated on a budget can be equally impressive and fun as a birthday party that was decorated by Martha Stewart.

The first thing you should think of is what theme you’re going for, and theme does not mean trying to make Disney World in your back yard. A birthday party theme can be as simple as ‘Under the sea’ or ‘In the woods’, but the importance of having a theme for budget conscious shoppers is that your theme will tell you exactly what you need, how much of it you will need and what colors, style and types of decorations to go for.

So for instance, if you decide to go with a theme like ‘Under the sea’, you can look for decorations that are blue or blue-green. Different sizes of balloons in these colors will not only make excellent archways but can also give the effect of bubbles. Another inexpensive but incredibly useful decoration for birthday parties are streamers, and since many of them are made out of crepe paper, you can get streamers in any color or combination of colors. Various types of candy can be used as sea treasures as well as shells and iridescent aquarium stones can make beautiful table ornaments. And to top off a wonderful time under the sea, you can bid your guests good-bye and well wishes with party bags, using the shells, stones and especially candy as party parting favors.

Other low cost party themes and decorations can be found right around your house, for instance if you decide to go with the ‘In the woods’ theme. All you need is a little imagination and creativity to make leaves and sticks into a wood-wonder-land. Old plaid shirts can be used as lumberjack clothing while nuts and fruits and candy make great food for both the stuffed animals tucked behind every nook and cranny and the little woodlanders who search about the woods. Again, streamers and balloons, and you may even want to consider paper lanterns, are all low cost decorations that can make any birthday party theme a fanciful adventure.

The key to achieving a beautiful birthday party while still being budget conscious is a party supplier with great deals on already inexpensive decorations, and once you have just a few basics, your imagination and creativity will do the rest.