Home Decor – Ideas for Enjoying the Beauty of Nature Indoors All Year Round

We love the summer because it allows us to experience the warmth, beauty and peace that being with nature in the great outdoors brings. Then the leaves fall and the temperature drops sending us scurrying indoors to the warmth of our cozy nests, only to long for summer again!

We can, however, bring into our homes some of that summer beauty to last us all year. Potted plants, in attractive containers, are a great way to do this.

Plants in attractive pots are wonderful for the greenery they add to a home’s décor. Actually indoor house plants were number 12 on BGH’s list of ways to give your home a quick facelift.

• A large pot with a tall house plant in an otherwise non-descript corner, can give a whole new look to a room.

• A cascading or fern like plant can brighten up a room when placed in a basket and hung in front of or to the side of a window. Any room in your home can benefit.

• Potted herbs on a kitchen window sill not only make the kitchen seem more inviting, they also give a continual supply of fresh herbs to brighten up your winter culinary efforts.

• Add a bit of a spa effect to your bathroom with a potted plant. As most indoor plants are tropical in nature, they will love the humidity of your bathroom.

• A potted house plant added to bedroom décor provides a bit of drama and a touch of the exotic at the same time.

One of the great things about house plants is that many of them have low light requirements. This gives the added advantage of being easier to place inside the home.

Did you know they also help clean the air we breathe? During warmer months, windows are left open more frequently giving a home time to “air out”. In very cold weather, as in extreme heat, windows are normally closed to prevent either heat or air conditioning from escaping. Live greenery, when placed indoors, removes the accumulated carbon dioxide and absorbs many other pollutants replacing them with oxygen. This is all done through the natural process of photosynthesis. The most common and harmful indoor air pollutants are formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, and carbon monoxide (which we also exhale). Even in low concentrations, these chemicals can cause a variety of health problems. In general, one large plant per 100 square feet of space is sufficient to clean the air in an average home. Hurrah for “going green” and cleaner air!

Some of the easiest to care for indoor plants are: philodendron, spider plant, and golden pothos. Some others that are also easy to care for are the boston fern, dracaena marginata, bamboo palm and the corn plant.

With all plants, whether in the garden or in the home, it is always best to check the toxicity of the plant before purchase and keep all plants out of the mouths of small children and pets. Not everything green is edible!

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