Personalized Home Decor Themes

Personalized gift ideas are quite popular these days as it conveys your special thoughts in a more striking yet stylish way. In case you are looking for a perfect home decor gift, then candles or candle holders would be great bets to add a touch of elegance and creativity. You can decorate using beads, ribbons and glitter to make personalized candle holders. With a bit of creativity you can transform even a pair of ordinary candles into a masterpiece that would earn you a few raves!

Candle holders are functional and fashionable home decor themes these days and are no longer simple mounts for placing the candle safely. Available in huge and decorative patterns in glass, wood, brass or wrought iron, these can make an elegant center piece, wall decor or a patio light. Decorating with candles and candle holders is one of the best cost effective ways to add style to any party.

If you wish you can also etch or imprint messages or quotes, which would make them special gifts that your friends will cherish all their lives. Witty one- liners or dirty jokes also are quite popular in personalized gift ideas and these would make your guests remember you as a fun loving and cheerful friend. Another way for personalized candle holders is by etching them or imprinting them with unique messages, sayings or quotes. If you are not the crafty type, you can use the power of words to let your guests know that you appreciate their presence by including witty quotes.

Make sure to match it up with scented candles that would complete this stunning gift theme with lane. Thick candles can also be decorated with beads or glitter in specific patterns to give it a special effect. If you are thinking of something different other than candles or candle stands, you can gift floral lights, which light up the interiors in spectacular floral patterns. These battery operated lights can even be immersed in flower vases, which will make it a spectacular show of light and shade! Collectors’ decoration and antique pieces have always been part of the home decor theme.