Cottage Style Home Decorating: Decorating Your Cottage With Creative Signs

You can add even more color and whimsy both inside and outside your cottage by easily and inexpensively making clever signs yourself with a little plywood, a jigsaw, and some paint.

This is a sweet sign to put on a garden gate. Or, hand paint the words onto a cleverly cut-out sign, nail it to a stake, and insert it into a flower pot on your patio.

A piece of wood with one end cut out in the shape of a hand with the pointer finger that points and says “To the Beach” adds whimsy and charm.

Paint a sign and add a short favorite quote to express your personality. I have a favorite sign in my home by poet Emily Dickinson that says, “Dwell in Possibility.”

Paint a sign sea-blue, glue some sand and shells along the bottom, and write the often-seen saying, “If you’re lucky enough to live at the beach you’re lucky enough” on it for a welcome to your beach cottage.

Paint a sign to match the colors in your kitchen with the words “Bon Appetit” on it.

Paint and nail several signs pointing in opposite directions on a lamp post outside your cottage with words on them such as “Beach,” “For the Birds,” “Bloomingdales,” “Yacht Club,” or “Johnson Wedding.”

Post a sign on your bathroom door that says “Powder Room” or “Ladies’ Room.”

Post an “Office” sign on your office door that matches your room’s d├ęcor.

Tired of noise and need a nap? Embroider the words “High Maintenance, Please Do Not Disturb” on a small pillow with a rope attached for hanging on your bedroom doorknob.

Find a flat river rock, paint “Paradise Found” and some pretty flowers on it and place it in a pot in your garden.

So…what “sign of the times” will you come up with to express yourself in “sign language” in your own cottage style home?!

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