Digital Home Decor

In the past homes were simpler. They were filled with either basic functional pieces, or fancy, detailed, hand crafted items. There were no machine manufactured parts, and there were certainly no electronic devices being used in people’s homes.

Today the home is different. Even the most unassuming household can afford to have a digital clock, or a television, or even a digital stereo, and often multiple copies of these devices scattered throughout the house. While these fancy new modern conveniences are exciting, they can also be an annoying eyesore, and rather difficult to decorate around.

The problem is that new technologies are mass produced in inexpensive machine built ways. Often the manufacturers are so worried about getting new technologies out to the public as quickly as possible, that they build everything in a standard, cookie cutter ultra modern design. This design, while sleek, can be an eyesore in many decorative schemes.

Even if the manufacturer is one that cares about design, such as apple does with many of its products, the nature of the technology is so transient that it is only profitable to produce devices in one style. If that computer is just going to be out of date in six months, why bother producing it in six colors of hardwood?

One method many people employ for incorporating digital devices into a rustic or low tech decorative design is to simply hide them behind other more appropriate pieces. This is often done by hiding the offending electronics in a cabinet, or some sort of drawer. This allows them to be within the space, making their functionality accessible, without making the design overt.

There are many ways that you can incorporate fancy, digital products into a modern home. Some of these involve hiding the offending devices behind a door. Others involve using cases or trying to incorporate them into the flow of the space. In the end, the digital revolution will continue to bring a modern look into our lives. However our human creativity will always give us other options for our homes.