Cave Man Home Decor

Human beings have a long and storied past. As a species we have survived wars, natural disasters, famine, disease, wild animals, and every imaginable ill that could plague us. Today, in our modern plastic molded lives, we are isolated to some extent from the savagery of the world. We have created a buffer between us and nature. However there is still an undeniable spirit of the primitive that lurks within us, constantly seeking to escape into the actual world.

One way to indulge this primal spirit is in the way you decorate your environment. Not everything in your home has to be stainless steal perfect. In fact, by inviting certain “imperfections” into your home, you can give the environment a powerful sense of individuality and personality, which will be missing from the machine manufactured spaces which your friends inhabit.

The first thing you should do is look into natural materials. The more you surround yourself with nature, the more you will begin to feel the heart song of the earth itself. Look for items manufactured from natural stone, wicker, and hardwood.

Another way to surround your home with nature is to place plants within the environment. This not only connects you with the living world, but it can inject a much needed sense of energy and vitality into a space, causing it to almost breathe with excitement.

Searching out rustic furnishings is another way to placate your primitive spirit. Rustic refers to items which are less complex and detailed, and are more quaint, simple, and functional. A rustic piece wont be fancy and gilded, but it will serve a purpose in the most efficient way possible.

Just because the world seeks to separate us from nature doesn’t mean that we have to give in. We can surround ourselves with life and vibrancy, especially in our homes, where we control the environment.