How to Create Romance in Your Home Decor

Ever wanted to create that extra sense of romance and luxury in your home? Then take a few tips from here and easily create that special feeling that only a well loved and well thought about home can give. Whether you want a lovely sanctuary to live in or a place where your guests and friends can feel at home and serene and much appreciated, these tips will help you achieve that. So where to start? These 5 tips will get you started.

1. Have a piece of art on your wall

There is nothing as alluring to the imagination as well as the emotions as a piece of art on your wall. Whether it be a painting, wall hanging or other piece of art, a piece of beauty here will set the entire tone and mood of the room. When you enter any room in your home, you are influenced subconsciously, whether you know it or not, by the clarity and beauty of that room. When you have a beautiful piece on your wall, your mind and emotions relax and go to another place and time. A gorgeous work here will transport you, transform your experience, and set a backdrop to the entire scene.

2. Have a piece with color to enliven the room

Whether this is from an art work on the wall, a throw or a piece of art you place on a table, a piece in crimson or pink will add romance. A crimson throw or cushions will add not only color, but mood to light up the day or night. Colors in this range adds fire to sensuality and improves appetite, and encourages thoughts and feelings of romance. Flowers such as tulips, gerberas or peonies also add to the romantic fire in a home.

3. Add a photograph of picture depicting romance

You can choose a picture of yourself with a partner or a picture of a couple or any scene which means romance to you. When it is in the room, again, your mind subconsciously picks up on the theme of romantic love. Even a small picture placed in an appropriate position will do. If you subscribe to Feng Shui you will know to put this image in the South West direction of your room or bedroom for added effect. Either way, select a picture you like and place it where you can see it!

4. Add flowers

Yes, flowers will add a feeling of warmth to any room or home. It doesn’t have to be any particular type, but anything that you like such as tulips, roses, and even potted herbs such as lavender, rosemary and fragrant species such as jasmine will enliven the room and add a sense of serenity, relaxation which can help romance and love. If you don’t have the real thing, a picture or wall hanging can have the same effect.

5. Have a place for 2 people to sit in comfort

This is such an obvious point but so many people miss out on this. If it’s your sofa, then ensure that it’s neat and clean and is ready for guests to sit on. On the coffee table, clear away clutter and have a clean empty space. Make sure that he space is easy to get to and nothing is in the way. Look and feel your home as if you’re a visitor with new eyes, and see where you need to declutter or need to add an element of beauty.

So as you can see, these 5 tips can help you achieve a sense of romantic mood in any room or home. By doing one or two you will get there, and if you follow all 5, then you’re sure to be on a winner when it comes to transforming your home into something truly special and romantic.