Home Decorating Ideas – Effective Ways To Use Baskets In Your Home

Are you looking for home decorating ideas that will add beauty as well as functionality to your home? Look no more-baskets, both old and new, are the answer. Just about anything looks good in a basket and is a good way to keep the clutter in your home under control.

Small Baskets

We have probably all used a small basket for car keys and pocket change. Try using a small basket with a handle as a silverware caddy when setting the table. For kids, they are ideal for holding afternoon snacks. Baskets are definitely the answer for rounding up and storing remote controls. Keep track of photos in a basket until they find a permanent home. If they are stored in a drawer, they may be forgotten or damaged.

Medium Baskets

Baskets make great, manageable tool kits for small jobs around the house, such as hanging pictures. Set a plastic-potted plant in a medium basket to make it look much more attractive. Remember to put a saucer underneath the pot for drips. Baskets work well for gift wrapping supplies.

Large Baskets

A home decorating idea for homes that are short on storage space is to use big baskets for storage. You may want to choose baskets with handles that can be moved from room to room. Large baskets are ideal for stowing and carrying your things to the beach or swimming pool.

Large baskets can also serve as a portable linen closet for keeping extra blankets and pillows for guests at the foot of the bed. They make a great cooler by lining the basket with a plastic garbage bag and then filling with ice and beverages. Use a basket for magazines and newspapers that are ready to go to the recycling bin.

Pullout Baskets

Bring a degree of order to the cabinets under your sinks. Pullout baskets are especially useful if your cabinets are deep or for anyone who has difficulty bending down to reach what’s in the cabinet. Look for a basket with a solid base or a liner; small items can easily slip through open-grid baskets.

Other items in your home that can be organized with baskets are linens and towels. Rolled towels are easier to grab from a basket than folded towels. Baskets add both extra storage space and a nice decorative touch to bathrooms.

Baskets come in all shapes and sizes and are made of various types of materials. Analyze your needs and shop for a basket that will be attractive as well as functional.