Decorating For Warmth

The smell of baking bread, crisp linens, and homemade jam: These are all things that might take you back in time to your Grandmother’s kitchen. In our modern box-like homes that lack both character and cozy corners, it’s difficult to imagine you could ever have a warm, welcoming space like Grandma had. You can’t go back in time, but you can implement some of the same pieces and create your own snug and comfortable kitchen.

The sink is a huge part of a kitchen. It’s the spot where you spend the most amount of time other than your stove, and the functionality of your sink can improve your entire kitchen appeal. If you are looking for a retro feel, purchase a white Farm House or Apron sink. Instantly your sink is transformed from boring old steel to a memory from your childhood. Beautiful as well as functional, Apron sinks provide a much wider area for cleaning and have been said to be easier on your back while you stand doing dishes.

If you are one of the lucky people who have a large yard, you can stare out your kitchen window while doing dishes and be mesmerized by the swaying leaves of your apple tree. There is nothing so tranquil as a pretty picture window in your kitchen, and often the best route to take for such a window is to minimize distractions from the view. If you feel as though you absolutely must have a covering of some sort, try to go with a small-patterned print or light white fabric. Pin your curtains back to one side with hooks unless you require privacy.

Houses in the 1940’s and 1950’s favored linoleum flooring in much the same way that we now favor hardwood. It came in a variety of brash colors and patterns. Although housewives in that day and age clearly enjoyed the linoleum style of flooring, you can almost guarantee that somewhere in their kitchen would be a braided area rug. Large in size and oval in shape, braided area rugs in the 50’s would be placed underneath the kitchen table or directly in front of the sink. There has definitely been a resurgence of this type of area rug, and it has once again gained popularity in country and modern kitchens alike. Braided rugs come in many shades and are often a kaleidoscope of colors braided together. If you are seeking something smaller, try a rag area rug. Although you can purchase beautiful rag area rugs created from cotton, you can also make your own in the same way your Grandmother did. Sew or hand stitch together small pieces of fabric to create a beautiful rug that will fit well into small corners of a cozy kitchen.

Its’ the little things that set off memories of Grandma’s kitchen. White, cotton dishtowels were a staple, and they were highly durable in light of the constant stream of dishes she must have washed. A small cuckoo clock was a favorite of the 1950’s housewife, as well as simple items such as a gingham-checked tablecloth and black metal baking pans. Implementing these small touches in your kitchen will bring back those memories and give you an inviting area to create more memories of your own.