Interior Makeover Ideas For Spring 2010

This spring, you can redo your entire place with fresh and vibrant ideas of home makeover. New and fancy home accessories are tempting, but it is also important to do things within your means. Spring brings freshness of flowers and announces rebirth of nature. Hence, this is the best time to give your home a makeover that it so deserves.

Your interior makeover should include your kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. The first and foremost makeover idea for all these spaces is to give them coats of fresh paint. Your kitchen can be given a fresh yellow colour to brighten it up. Living rooms can have a textured wall and neutral coloured walls.

The bedroom colours are really tricky, and these are based on the personal choice; but, the spring colours for 2010 for bedrooms are teal, soft green, pink and lavender. The emphasis is more on the soft colours because these give a peaceful and tranquil feeling when lit with sunlight or lamp light at night.

Your house needs thorough cleansing when spring arrives, because the winter season does not allow so much activity. Check your windows, doors and other fixtures for repair and try doing something creative and new with them. Kitchen counters and table tops are bound to get dirty or stained with over usage; see if you can work wonders by applying paint on them; otherwise, replace them.

You shall not be able to feel spring in the air if you do not have plenty of sunlight pouring in your house. Get rid of those thick curtains that you hung for winter, and give your home a treat by going for flimsy and sheer curtains. You have to witness the blooming beauty of spring through your windows.

You might have got a lot of good and valuable stuff like furniture or decoration pieces in your attic or store room. This is the time to bring it out and discard the unwanted stuff. Clutter should always be avoided because it limits the available space and spoils the effects of home makeover.

The bed linen and the soft furnishings should be replaced with fresh stock of flowery and bright prints for the spring of 2010. Heavy quilts are no longer required, so pack them away and clear your bedroom of the entire drab. Interestingly, the spring 2010 calls for minimalist approach to interior decor, because the whole emphasis is to highlight the beauty and freshness of the spring.

The bathroom is one place which you cannot ignore this spring in particular, because there are so many bathroom accessories available on discount prices. Shower curtains, rods and shower rings can be replaced with new ones. Add some romance to your bathrooms with fresh flowers and candles and feel the spa experience at home. The entrance of the house can be redone with new wall hangings and mirrors. The makeover ideas for the spring 2010 are inspired from the simplicity and beauty of a natural lifestyle.